ANREV の入会特典

アジアの非上場不動産ファンド市場は成熟したマーケットです。ANREV に入会したメンバーは、業界の成長と透明化を支援し、高いレベルのベストプラクティスを実施する機会が得られます。


  • ANREV ファンドデータベース
  • 各種研究調査書・文献
  • 各種パフォーマンス測定インデックス
  • 業界基準・ガイドライン


マーケット情報へのアクセス権付与の他、ANREV は昼食会、説明会、カンファレンス等各種イベントを開催します。また下記の得点に加え、各種イベントへのスポンサーの機会も得られます。

  • 業界をリードする他社・他国のシニアリーダーや同世代との情報交換の機会
  • 会合およびネットワーク・イベント
  • 業界の長期発展に貢献する機会



Nicholas Harris, Head of Wholesale of The GPT Group and ANREV Executive Board member says, "the main attraction for joining ANREV is its focus on the needs of investors in non-listed real estate vehicles in Asia who are my current and prospective investment partners. It is a wonderful forum to increase transparency, encourage best practice and share knowledge in an industry which has traditionally been opaque and noncollaborative."

Cheng-soon Lau, Managing Director of Invesco Real Estate is a founding member and believes: “ANREV is a platform for managers like us to advance the interests of our investors in Asia through forums, benchmark development and research.

Wilson Leung, Managing Director of Angelo Gordon Asia Limited says, “ANREV is an important organization which will bring much needed transparency and clarity for investors who have invested or are looking to invest in the Asian non-listed real estate industry.

Richard Price, CEO of CBRE Global Investors joined the ANREV Executive Board in 2009, recognising that “in these uniquely challenging times providing an industry platform to promote transparency within the private equity real estate fund industry in Asia is more important than ever. 

ANREV’s mission to do this and provide a forum for research, the exchange of fund information and a platform to promote interaction with investors and like minded industry associations around the world is well aligned with that of CBRE Global Investors. ANREV’s growth and success demonstrates the growing importance of the Asia region for institutional investors from around the world not to mention the growing importance of Asian institutions on the global investment stage.”