ANREV Annual Research & Data Package

08 May 2019

ANREV (the Asian Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles) is the leading, not for-profit provider of trusted, up-to-date and in depth data and research for Asia Pacific real estate investors.

Our membership base includes over 200 global and regional real estate investors, fund managers, industry advisors and academics who collaborate with us to ensure we deliver to their needs. Through regular surveys and a dedicated team of researchers, we are able to collate and deliver an exceptional level of relevant primary data and information to provide investors with comparison evidence, applicable to their APAC real estate portfolios.

ANREV is an impartial source for non-listed real estate industry data that can be used to create investment models, track and measure investment returns and guide strategic decision making. Our Annual Research and Data Package provides a service for investors that is time-efficient, accurate and up to date.


For more information on how to subscribe to our Annual Research & Data Package, contact:

Victoria Evans - Business Development Director

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ANREV Annual Research & Data Package [PDF]