Sustainability Case Study - Apr 2018 Ascendas-Singbridge Galaxis, Singapore

10 Apr 2018

Galaxis is located in the heart of one-north district, a 200-hectare development designed to host a cluster of world-class research facilities and business park space, and target end-users engaged in Biomedical Sciences, Infocomm Technology, Media, Physical Sciences and Engineering

The project’s objective is to develop a sustainable business park building that would achieve a higher BCA Green Mark Platinum standard. Key features include extensive greenery, recycling bins at common areas, high efficiency multi-tiered chiller plant and air-conditioning system, high eco-friendly interior fittings and materials, effective ETTV, as well as intelligent lighting control.

Galaxis was designed to achieve more than 30% energy consumption saving against the Singapore Building Control (Environmental Sustainability) Regulation 2008. This translates to an estimated energy and water consumption savings of S$0.9 million per annum.


ANREV Sustainability_Ascendas Singbridge Galaxis 201804 [PDF]