Real Estate Benchmarking Survey 2017

08 Nov 2017

PwC and ANREV are delighted to publish the results of our real estate fund managers’ benchmarking survey, which was designed to gather, analyse, and share information about key industry operational trends and metrics of real estate fund managers with significant operations in Asia Pacific. We gathered data covering industry practices relating to organisational information, governance, risk management, administration,valuation, technology and operations, regulatory information and reporting. This report represents the summary of the data and includes key takeaways, by section, to assist you with your review.

Given the data is collected from various fund managers with different business models and structures, the same operational arrangement does not apply to all the fund managers. Naturally the scale of investment mandates, the number, location and diversity of investments, reporting and governance needs of investors, together with the institutionalisation of the wider business, are factors which will impact the operational structures needing to be put in place. Thus, we have explored how the practices may vary depending on the geographical locations and the size of the managers.

PwC conducted this survey to explore trends that would help real estate fund executives and management teams benchmark their practices against their industry peers. We have extracted some key takeaways on the next page. We hope that you find our results and analysis helpful.

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Real Estate Benchmarking Survey 2017 [PDF]