ANREV/INREV Fund of Funds Study 2017

09 Aug 2017

• Funds of funds delivered double-digit returns of 15.1% in 2016

• Open end vehicles outperformed their closed end peers

• Core vehicles returned 15.3% while non-core generated 13.4%

Four consecutive years of positive growth saw funds of funds achieve a very solid double digit return of 15.1% in 2016, making last year the third best year since 2002.

In total, ANREV and INREV Funds of Funds Universes (‘Universe’) contains 58 funds of funds that are managed by 24 managers. Collectively these vehicles represent a total Net Asset Value (NAV) of $12.9 billion.  Nine fund of funds indicated their preference to remain anonymous and therefore the online vehicles universe only shows 49 funds of funds.  Performance data was based on 17 vehicles. 

The performance data presented in this report is not intended to serve as a benchmark and should be used for research and information purposes only.

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ANREV/INREV Fund of Funds Study 2017 [PDF]
ANREV/INREV Fund of Funds Study 2017 - Snapshot [PDF]