Vehicles Universe

The Vehicles Universe section provides an overview of vehicles active in the two areas covered: Asian Direct Vehicles and Fund of Funds for Europe and Asia. The databases comprise key characteristics for all real estate vehicles like the strategy, size, allocation and contact details as well as other characteristics.


The ANREV Vehicles Universe is a database that contains the latest information on the strategies of over 180 non-listed real estate vehicles in Asia. ANREV uses it as the basis for quarterly analysis on the size and growth of the Asian non-listed real estate vehicle industry, and as the platform for other ANREV research studies. For the database an online tool is available which allows members to analyse the database of vehicles in more detail. All results can be easily exported to excel or PDF.


The ANREV fund of funds database, in conjunction with INREV, covers global, pan-Asian, regional and single-country fund of funds. The database currently covers 56 funds and target equity is 18.9 billion. Database fields describe vehicle strategies, sizes, and structure, together with manager contact details. The annually released database (in Excel) and the analysis (in PDF) are available for download under publications.

This industry funds database is fully supported and endorsed by our institutional investor members, providing the foundation for ANREV to offer members key information and analysis on the size and composition of the market, thus improving transparency in this sector.

The database contains key information on over 180 non-listed real estate funds:

  • Vehicle strategy
  • Financial assets and current information
  • Investment allocation
  • Reporting information
  • Vehicle advisors and governance
  • Contact details of the non-listed real estate fund

Logged in members have access to the analysis tool, enabling you to search across the Annual Index and create tailor-made indices by defining your own search parameters, based on vintage, gearing, size, style, structure and country/sector allocations. You can export the results in Excel format or as a PDF file.


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