Red Papers

ANREV publishes an ongoing series of 'Technical Papers' - known as 'Red Papers' - which are intended to be punchy, research-themed reports of interest and direct relevance to the non-listed real estate industry, preferably with a perspective which makes the paper relevant in an Asian context.

The purpose of the papers is: to encourage and stimulate more research into Asian real estate markets; to support further development of market transparency; and to provide a foundation to promote and distribute quality research to those interested in the non-listed real estate industry.

The emphasis is on practical subjects that can be dealt with in no more than 3-5 pages (maximum 3,000 words) with supporting tables and charts. These are published in an ANREV-branded document format. Content must not be advertorial in nature although due accreditation is given to the author (including author's company and logo). Selection is based on the merits of the paper.

A Working Group has been established under the auspices of the ANREV Research Committee to oversee the pipeline of papers, select topics and provide feedback.


Red Papers are available to both members and non-members.


For further information or if your organization is interested in submitting a topic as a possible ANREV Technical Paper, please contact Amélie Delaunay at