Management Fees & Terms


The Management Fees and Terms study, first launched in 2010, provides an overview of the fees and terms applied by Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds. The study aims to increase the transparency of fee structures and fee levels in funds, and to create a framework for regular reporting of fees in funds. 


  • Annual management fees - Fees during and after the commitment period, by style of fund, by vintage, by target location, by target sector and by fund structure
  • Performance fees - Periodic performance fees, fees at termination,  other issues (application of catch-up clauses)
  • Other fees and return reduction metrics - Initial charges, fund expenses, property-specific costs, total expense ratio


Following publication of regional surveys by ANREV in Asia Pacific, INREV in Europe and PREA in the United States, a combined comparison study is published to provide valuable insights into fees on a global basis.

This paper analyses and compares the fee structures and fee levels of non-listed real estate vehicles in Europe, Asia and the US

It aims to improve the transparency and comparability of fee structures and fee levels of non-listed real estate funds.

The results help to increase the understanding of the challenges and limitations that the non-listed property fund industry faces in analysing and comparing fee structures and levels.


The full reports and presentation are available to members only.


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