Industry Data

Access to relevant industry data is crucial for our members. It enables them to analyse trends and take informed decisions.

In this section, ANREV provides members with a suite of analytical tools to undertake peer group performance and fees analysis, compile information on individual vehicles active in the Asia Pacific market, and view details on fund manager companies, tax and regulatory issues.

To access and search our databases, please login and select the category you are interested in:

  • Vehicles Performance (ANREV Index) - covers the performance of non-listed real estate funds on quarterly and annual basis

  • Vehicles Universe - an overview of the key characteristics of all non-listed real estate vehicles in Asia Pacific

  • Fund Manager Survey - an overview of real estate fund managers' assets under management

  • Regulatory and Tax news - a link to selected industry news on regulatory and tax matters across the region

  • Management Fees and Terms - overview of the fees and terms applied by Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds

If you have any questions on how to use the search tools, please contact ANREV representative Amelie Delaunay at