Due Diligence

Due Diligence Questionnaire 

The INREV Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) was first launched in April 2007, to assist an investor or consultant in the due diligence process to understand a fund manager’s structure, strategy and non-listed real estate business. It also gives insight in a specific vehicle’s strategy, risk processes, management, terms and (projected) performance. With it, the investor can determine, in principle, whether a proposal fits their investment objectives.

DDQ was updated in July 2018. New version reflects the feedback received from INREV members during a two-month consultation period. 


About DDQ

In today’s market, investors need to perform good due diligence in an efficient way. The INREV Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) provides a standardised and well adopted framework, helping investors achieve a high level of scrutiny when entering a vehicle for the first time.

The INREV DDQ allows investors to assess deals within a limited time frame while still managing risks properly. To keep up with the pace of today’s market, to cope with multiple investors and to understand global settings standardised instruments are becoming more important.

To meet the needs of the different fund structures now widely available, INREV provides three questionnaires for: non-listed real estate vehicles, fund of funds and multi managers, and real estate debt vehicles.

Did you know? The DDQ is INREV's most used professional standards tool, with 63% of members using it.

Other Due Diligence tools 

To help members further improve and streamline their due diligence process, INREV has developed two new standardised template: the Operational Due Diligence Framework and the Due Diligence Data Room Guidelines. 

Operational Due Diligence Framework

During INREV´s open committee meeting in 2015 the topic was raised to develop further guidance on operational due diligence (ODD). The DD committee agreed and started an investigation. One of the first conclusions was that it is hard to standardise ODD because it is in large parts driven by local jurisdiction (of the investor). Therefore our purpose was to develop a general framework which could help buyers and sellers to better organise their ODD processes. As a result we developed the Operational Due Diligence Framework.

Due Diligence Data Room Guidelines

The Due Diligence Data Room Guidelines is an additional tool prepared by INREV to make the due diligence process more effective. This framework aims to provide guidance under the form of a table of contents and not to impose a rigid structure.