The roles of the Debt Working Group are:

  • To expand ANREV's remit into the debt area (to include debt funds and real estate finance) as a means to improve transparency
  • To gather the views of and give voice to participants in an effort to improve and promote development of Asian non-listed real estate debt products
  • To provide a forum for participants to discuss topical issues
  • Input to the INREV Debt Fund focus group from an Asian perspective
  • Guidelines for managing debt levels in properly cycles
  • To contribute to the discussion of debt-related research topics at ANREV's events.

ANREV Debt working group members include:

Robert Scholten (Chair) ING Bank
Geoff Crum Deutsche Bank AG
Felicity Ambler Gravitas
Fergal Harris JLL
Morgan Laughlin PGIM
Yossi Kraemer Qualitas
Martin Priestley Nuveen Real Estate

The working group welcomes feedback and questions from ANREV members. If you have any questions for or about this working group,or a topic would like the group to address at one of its regular meetings, please contact Alan Dalgleish at