The ANREV Index measures net asset value (NAV) based performance on an annual and quarterly basis using data supplied by vehicle managers. The Index comprises non-listed real estate funds of which 90% or more of their GAV is targeted to be invested in Asia Pacific. The Index was launched in 2011 with data going back to 2006 and applies the same approach and methodology as the INREV Index for European funds. This allows the industry to make comparisons within and between the regions.

A suite of indices is published covering the region as a whole as well as various individual countries: All Asia; Australia; Japan; and China. In addition, indices are published by style: core; value-add; and opportunity.


In order to let ANREV members better understand ANREV Index as a performance measuring tool, ANREV has published the ANREV Index Guide.

ANREV Index Guide explain the history, composition, management, inclusion criteria and calculation methodology of the index.


Submitted data will only be used at an aggregated level and no individual fund information will be disclosed. Where possible, sub-indices will be created in order to make some relevant comparisons within this industry. We would therefore ask you to provide the necessary fund information to ANREV.


ANREV members can input and access their data via an on-line tool which enables them to search the data (ONLY at an aggregated level) to create tailor-made search parameters based on vintage, gearing, size, style, structure and country/sector allocations. Results can then be exported in excel or pdf format. Individual fund data is strictly confidential and not accessible whatsoever to users.


To be included in the ANREV Index vehicles must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 50% of the investor base by NAV should consist of institutional investors

  • There should be at least three different institutional investors in the vehicle

  • 90% of the vehicle's GAV should be invested in Asia Pacific

  • Data should be provided on a quarterly or annual basis


Members may download the latest Index data report here.


Please contact Amélie Delaunay at or Kip Kong at to take part in this industry-led initiative or if you have any questions about the ANREV Index.