Academic Membership

As an association committed to the development of the non-listed real estate funds industry, we recognise the importance of supporting students, graduates, post-graduates, young professionals and academics throughout their careers.

Academic membership is available to universities, not-for-profit research institutions and professional bodies with interests in the Asia Pacific real estate markets.


  • Institutional level membership including two, self- designated representatives
  • Annual fee of only USD 500 per annum (full membership USD 10,000)

Research & Data

  • Access for relevant employees to ANREV research, data, global indices and industry guidelines
  • Opportunity to share or publish ANREV supported research papers to the industry
  • Access or specific data can also be made available to individual students of the institution, on special request

Networking & Training

  • Invitations to events including seminars, round tables and conferences
  • Branding across the industry to young professionals and potential future students
  • Opportunity to participate as an industry speaker or research thought leader
  • Access to a variety of training courses and webinars
  • Young Professionals networking events and Mentor Programme

Placement Opportunities

  • Advertise internship and graduate placement opportunities via the ANREV website, to access member organisations across the world
  • Branding and advertising at relevant times of the year on the ANREV Weekly Update and ANREV Website

And much more...

Additionally, ANREV members participate in Working Groups and Committees with both short term and long term goals to guide the activities of the association. Volunteer participation in the Academic Working Group or ad-hoc, project-based groups is welcomed.

ANREV have also given talks to student groups visiting the region, and we are open to speaking to classes in person or via video conference, pending topic and availability.

For full terms of membership, please click here.

Ready to Join?

Please complete the Membership Application Form and send to the address below or email Victoria Evans, Business Development Director at