ANREV is the Asian Association for Investors in non-listed real estate vehicles. ANREV is a not-for-profit organisation driven by institutional investors in non-listed property funds. Our aim is to serve as a platform for investors who guide the association's strategy.

ANREV's agenda is driven by the members, in particular the investors, and is focused on improving transparency and accessibility of market information, promoting professionalism and best practices, sharing and spreading knowledge. Fund managers, investment banks, lawyers and other advisors provide support in addressing key issues facing the Asian non-listed private equity real estate fund markets.

ANREV is a sister organisation to INREV in Europe and works with a number of associations across Asia Pacific and North America on research and professional standards.

Mission Statement

ANREV was established to serve as a platform for institutional investors and to address key issues facing the Asian non-listed real estate funds industry.

ANREV is committed to providing a forum for investors and participants operating in the sector to support its long term development:

  • To be an authoritative source of research and market information on the industry in Asia
  • To promote best practices in all aspects of investing across the industry
  • To improve transparency and accessibility for increased liquidity and to promote sustainability


Business plan and annual report are available to members only.