Regional Conferences

ANREV regional conferences are held throughout the year in the region, typically a half day events comprising presentations and panel discussions. It is a means of providing topical market updates and networking opportunities for both members and non-members.

Individual invitations will be distributed for each conference. Please contact Danielle Ko at you have any questions regarding regional conferences or other ANREV activities. 

CURRENT & UPCOMING Type Date Location
ANREV Australia Conference 2019 Regional Conferences 21 Aug 2019 Melbourne
PAST Type Date Location
ANREV Korea conference 2019 Regional Conferences 19 Feb 2019
- 20 Feb 2019
ANREV Australia Conference 2018 Regional Conferences 22 Aug 2018 Melbourne
ANREV China Conference 2018 Regional Conferences 25 Apr 2018 Shanghai
ANREV Korea Conference 2018 Regional Conferences 06 Feb 2018
- 07 Feb 2018
ANREV Australia Conference 2017 Regional Conferences 23 Aug 2017 Melbourne