ANREV briefings are held throughout the Asia region, for members and non-members. ANREV briefings aim to provide technical updates as well as market updates related to the non-listed real estate fund industry.

Recent briefings have covered:

  • A how-to guide to carried interest and commercial fund terms
  • AIMFD - impact on non-EU managers
  • FATCA - implications for financial institutions in Asia
  • Meeting investors reporting demands - MGPA case study
  • Compensation practices - trends
  • Investors Reporting Best Practices
  • ANREV Guidelines Workshop 
  • Regional Real Estate Share Transactions - What to look for in the letter of Intent?

Individual invitations will be distributed for briefings or you can click on the link below for details and registrations.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding ANREV technical briefings, please contact Danielle Ko at

CURRENT & UPCOMING Type Date Location
ANREV Briefing Briefings 03 Dec 2019 Sydney
ANREV Event Briefings 09 Dec 2019 Singapore
ANREV Event Briefings 15 Jan 2020 Singapore
ANREV Event Briefings 22 Jan 2020 Hong Kong
ANREV Event Briefings 05 Feb 2020 Tokyo
PAST Type Date Location
ANREV Seoul Breakfast Briefing Briefings 19 Nov 2019 Seoul
ANREV Hong Kong Briefing Briefings 24 Sep 2019 Hong Kong
ANREV Young Professionals Briefing Briefings 12 Sep 2019 Singapore
ANREV Singapore Briefing Briefings 11 Sep 2019 Singapore
ANREV Sustainable Finance Breakfast Seminar Briefings 06 Aug 2019 Sydney