Sustainable Real Assets Forum 2018

26 Jun 2018

Location: Sydney

Venue: InterContinental Sydney, 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Date: 26 June 2018


The GRESB | Siemens: 2018 Sustainable Real Assets Conference series connects global asset owners, managers, operators and ESG professionals committed to creating sustainable and resilient buildings and infrastructure.

In 2018, the theme was resilience. Conferences had already taken place in London and Washington, DC, with the final event took place in Sydney, following a forum model. Each event offered single-track programming that explores investment strategies, new technologies and business models from organizations with established, industry-leading programs.

In addition to inspirational keynote speakers and panel sessions, each event provided opportunities for networking and collaborative partnerships, helping facilitate our shared vision of “Sustainable Real Assets.”



9:00 Registration & Networking  
9:30 Opening & Welcome Ruben Langbroek, Head of Asia Pacific, GRESB & 
Peter Halliday, Head of Building Performance and Sustainability, Siemens
9:50 Welcome to Country  
10:00 Session 1: Resilience: what is it and why is it important for the real estate and infrastructure sectors?

With the frequency, size and cost of disasters increasing due to climate change, population growth and urbanization, the imperative to manage the resilience of real assets is accelerating. This context-setting session will explore:

  • The scope of the resilience challenge facing real estate and infrastructure sector globally.

  • How close we are to a globally-agreed definition of what constitutes resilient real estate and infrastructure portfolios and assets.

  • How a focus on resilience can both capture opportunity and protect against downside risks

  • How resilience fits into a broader vision of "Sustainable Real Assets"
10:40 Coffee & Networking  
11:05 Session 2: How resilience translates into opportunity and risk for investors, property companies, asset operators and others.

We have reached a point where investors are now actively asking for greater transparency about resilience from their managers.  This session will bring together leading institutional investors and investment managers to explore:

  • What criteria investors are using to recognize resilient real estate and infrastructure investments.

  • The current transparency gap between investors and their managers on resilience.

  • The links between resilience and financial performance.

  • What leading real estate and infrastructure managers and operators are doing to understand and manage resilience.

  • The most reliable indicators of reliance leadership / the capacity of an entity to manage resilience.
Moderator: Emma Herd, CEO, IGCC

  • Rory Lonergan, Director - Corporate and Project Finance, CEFC

  • Adam Kirkman, Head of ESG, AMP Capital

  • Pauline Vamos, CEO, Regnan

  • Nina James, GM Corporate Sustainability, Investa Office Management

12:35 GRESB Resilience Module Chris Pyke, Research Officer, U.S. Green Building Council
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Session 3: Case studies showcasing resilience leadership in the real estate and infrastructure sectors.

Investors, real estate and infrastructure companies and funds are taking concrete action to address the challenge of resilience and capture opportunities.  This fast-paced session will present a series of case studies that highlight:

  • What a resilience organization / resilient leadership looks like.

  • Lessons learned from implementing resilience strategies.

  • The quality of an entity that allows it to deal with major disasters and still have continuity of businesses.

  • Examples of how to score and communicate resiliency risk to investors.

  • Examples of resilience design features.
Moderator: Florence Chong, IPE Real Assets

  • Azheem Haseeb, General Manager - Building Performance & Sustainability, Siemens Ltd

  • Jeremy Mansfield, Sustainability Manager, Lendlease & Non-Executive Director, Deputy Chair, Green Cross

  • Arti Prasad, Senior Investment Strategist, Responsible Investment, NZ Super

  • Thomas Schroder, Director Marketing and Communications, South Pole

15:30 Coffee & Networking  
15:55 Session 4: What are key innovators working on right now in the world of resilience?

Some of the best minds in our sector are working to finding solutions to address the resilience challenge.  The industry conversation started several years ago and exciting new projects and approaches have emerged.  This session will:

  • Examine key innovations in the field of resilience.

  • Consider the role of technology in tackling the resilience challenge.

  • Explore how to capture quantitative data to understand and manage resilience risks at asset level.

  • Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation, GBCA

  • Nathan Robertson-Ball, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Jonathan Avery, International Development Manager, ISCA

16:25 Closing & Key Takeaways  

Drinks & Networking

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